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Pride Sponsorship


Does your business want to sponsor Pride in the Park?

Click here to check out your sponsorship options!

Triangle Community Center (TCC) empowers businesses and organizations to get what they want from their support of Pride in the Park. We offer not just opportunities to support the LGBTQ community directly, but the opportunity to showcase your dedication to the LGBTQ community, access to TCC promotional materials, chances to directly engage in the local level, and volunteer opportunities for you and your employees. 

Pride in the Park welcomes over 2,000 people each year. Through our promotional materials online and in print, your brand will reach thousands more. This is your audience. Let us help you reach it. 

To find sponsorship materials and/or to make your payment, please scroll down.

Click here-- check out our sponsorship options.

Sponsorship Step-by-Step: 

  1. Check out our Community Partner Sponsorship Package at this link. Find the option that works best for you! These sponsorship levels are just a baseline-- if you have considerations you want us to take into account, let us know by following step two below!
  2. Reach out to TCC staff-- you are encouraged to email Executive Director Anthony Crisci and Director of Operations Conor Pfeifer at and respectively to build a sponsorship package that fits your needs. 
  3. Process your sponsorship payment on this page, otherwise, you may send a check to Triangle Community Center at 618 West Avenue, Suite 205, Norwalk, CT 06850. Please make checks payable to Triangle Community Center. 
  4. Once your payment is accounted for, TCC staff will follow up with you about collecting any related materials from you so that your sponsorship will be a key feature of Pride and all relevant promotional materials. 

Sponsorship FAQs: 

  • I've made a sponsorship payment and am ready to roll. What's next? 
    • You are encouraged to reach out to Conor Pfeifer directly so that TCC can have the promotional materials/graphics/etc from your team so we can fullfill the terms of your sponsorship. Please email
  • Can I make my sponsorship payment in multiple installments?
  • Can my business/organization provide an activity that would cover part of our sponsorship financial commitment?
    • We encourage vendors and sponsors to bring family-friendly activities to Pride in the Park. Depending on what you have in mind, we can count such an activity toward your sponsorship level. Please contact and with your idea. We would love to hear from you!


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