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Visionary Party Program Book


The Visionary Party Program book is your opportunity to reach our guests at the Visionary Party. Your advertisement will reach our donors at the Visionary Party-- general admission and VIP and those who visit TCC's social media and website. 

Check out your advertising options -- click here!

The Visionary Party program book will feature fun and exciting features, including:

  • Themed material centered around our Mardi Gras theme
  • Biographies highlighting our honorees
  • Information about why your support of TCC is so important
  • Advertisements from you and our sponsors
  • Advertisements congratulating our honorees
  • ...and more!

Check out your advertising options -- click here!

The important details:

  • Submit your advertisements to Conor Pfeifer at
  • Make sure your file is a high resolution .jpg, .pdf, or .png.
  • Deadline for submissions is Friday, September 29 at 6 PM.

What's new this year?

When you get an advertisement, full page up to a two-page spread, you are entitled to a number of perks. 

Click here to look ad ad prices and types and to see what kind of perks you're eligible for.  


Q: How do I submit an ad?

A: Email your advertisement in a .jpg, .png, or .pdf to Conor Pfeifer at


Q: What kind of file should I send over?

A: We accept high resolution .jpg, .png, .pdf files.


Q: What's your deadline?

A: Friday, September 29 at 6 PM. 


Who's donating: from Hartford, CT donated. Thank you!

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